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ICANN Org Delivers ICANN Grant Program Design and Implementation Plan Update

20 October 2022
By Tripti SinhaTripti Sinha

Last week, the ICANN organization (org) provided an update to the ICANN Board on its development of the Preliminary Design and Implementation Plan for the ICANN Grant Program.

The ICANN Grant Program is based on the recommendations in the Final Report of the Cross-Community Working Group on New gTLD Auction Proceeds. The community's recommendations were adopted by the ICANN Board in its 12 June 2022 resolutions. The Board directed ICANN org to produce a preliminary implementation plan in line with the ICANN Board Scorecard within 120 days. We are impressed with the depth of planning by ICANN org within this timeline.

The Grant Program is the culmination of years of work by the ICANN community. It is a testament to the multistakeholder model in action, as well as ICANN org's ability to deliver on the community's recommendations. The Grant Program will distribute the proceeds from auctions of last resort in the 2012 New gTLD Program. Once launched, the program will be open to applications from any eligible organization across the world for projects that are supportive of ICANN's mission. Through this program, ICANN will support creativity and innovation that furthers our vision of a single, open, and globally interoperable Internet.

Implementation of the ICANN Grant Program continues to be a priority for the Board and the org. Now that ICANN org has produced the Preliminary Design and Implementation Plan, it will complete the design and proceed with implementation. ICANN org will provide opportunities for engagement throughout the period of implementation.

ICANN org will continue to update the Board and community as work progresses toward the establishment of the program during 2023. The future distribution of this significant amount of funding is an exceptional opportunity to make a difference in the Internet ecosystem, in furtherance of ICANN's mission. We look forward to following this work closely and seeing the positive impact of the ICANN Grant Program on Internet users across the globe.


Tripti Sinha

Tripti Sinha

ICANN Board Chair

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