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Have You Got a Question for Bill Clinton?

13 March 2011
By Scott Pinzon

Former President Bill Clinton’s talk with the ICANN community, coming up this Wednesday, will include a limited amount of time for questions from the audience.

Questions will be moderated, and must be submitted in advance. Due to the time restrictions, not all questions received will be answered.

Rod Beckstrom, ICANN President and CEO, will join President Clinton on stage after the speech. Rod will ask the questions on behalf of the community.

All questions must be received no later than 10:00am PST, Tuesday 15 March. To take advantage of this opportunity, you can send questions until the deadline via email addressed to clinton-questions@icann.org. This address delivers to a list that operates very much like our Public Comment Forum. To monitor the questions being asked, visit http://forum.icann.org/lists/clinton-questions/.


Scott Pinzon