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Final Implementation Update

30 September 2016
By Akram Atallah

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In mid-August, ICANN submitted an Implementation Planning Status Report to the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). The report provided a thorough inventory of the work that was accomplished by ICANN and the multistakeholder community to prepare for the IANA stewardship transition, and described the remaining tasks that will be completed before 30 September 2016 to allow the current term of the IANA functions contract to expire.

ICANN is pleased to confirm that all of the implementation tasks identified in the report are complete. Since issuance of the report on 12 August 2016, the remaining outstanding tasks have been finalized:

As a final step to removing NTIA’s role, NTIA and Verisign will amend the cooperative agreement between them. The Root Zone Maintainer Services Agreement between ICANN and Verisign will come into effect as soon as the cooperative agreement between Verisign and NTIA is amended, and until that time, ICANN and Verisign will continue to operate the current root zone management system processes.

With the completion of all required implementation tasks, the global multistakeholder community, with the support of ICANN the organization, is ready for the IANA stewardship transition to occur. We thank the ICANN community for their ongoing support and dedication throughout this transition process.


Akram Atallah

Former President, Global Domains Division