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Factsheet: RegisterFly and Registrars

26 March 2007
By Kieren McCarthy

A factsheet has been produced in time for the open forum discussion over the recent difficulties with registrar RegisterFly.

The aim and intention of this and the previous factsheet is very clear: many of the issues that affect the Internet are quite technical and as a result are not well understood. Since the Internet is of such importance, and since ICANN believes that the best decisions over the Net’s future path will derive from wide and open discussion by all interested parties, the hope is that a series of factsheets written in plain English will improve that discussion and encourage involvement.

This factsheet in particular will seek to explain why and how the problem with RegisterFly arose, give an explanation of the current system, outline why this problem was not foreseen, and discuss possible solutions to prevent a similar failure from happening again.

You can download the factsheet here.


Kieren McCarthy