Data Protection/Privacy Issues Update: Soliciting Community Input on Article 29 Guidance

13 April 2018
By Göran MarbyGöran Marby


Following another busy week for our team focused on the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are writing to recap the latest milestones. On Thursday, we a received a letter [PDF, 400 KB] from the Article 29 Working Party where they provided recommendations on ICANN org's Interim Model for Compliance [PDF, 922 KB] with ICANN's agreements and the GDPR. In my reply [PDF, 313 KB] to Article 29 I again emphasize the need for additional time to further develop and implement the model, including a moratorium on enforcement until our model is in place.

Allow me to reiterate that ICANN recognizes the importance of the GDPR and its goal of protecting personal data, but also notes the importance of balancing the right to privacy with the need for information.

While we continue our work to understand, clarify and address the Article 29 Working Party's recommendations and make any necessary adjustments to the model, we encourage and request the community's involvement and input on each of the proposed recommendations.

We have accepted an invitation to meet with the WP 29 Technology Subgroup on 23 April in Brussels. Please share your input with Article 29 and the relevant European member state data protection authorities, as well as with us at gdpr@icann.org. We continue to welcome the dialogue and your time and input.


Göran Marby

Göran Marby

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
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