Community Participation in Public Comment for FY18 Planning

18 October 2016
By Xavier CalvezXavier Calvez


Each year, after ICANN’s Board adopts the Operating Plan and Budget, we review the past year’s development process to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Over the last few years, we have managed to present our draft plans earlier and earlier, while also extending the amount of time the community has to review and comment on them. This has resulted in a significant increase in both the quantity and quality of comments on our plans, and has resulted in improvements to the adopted plans.

This is the year in which IANA stewardship has transitioned to the multistakeholder community. The IANA Services are now carried out by PTI, as an affiliate of ICANN, and the multistakeholder community will be able to provide input to PTI’s FY18 Operating Plan and Budget in the coming weeks, during an upcoming public comment period dedicated to PTI.

After the PTI Board has adopted its FY18 Operating Plan and Budget, and recommended it to ICANN’s Board, the ICANN’s draft FY18 Operating Plan and Budget will be published for public comment.

The combined Public Comment periods will run for more than three months, giving the community ample time to review the draft Plans.


Xavier Calvez

Xavier Calvez

SVP, Planning and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
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