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Capacity Development Community Survey Results

24 April 2019

Capacity development has become an increasingly important part of regional engagement for the ICANN organization. Preliminary qualitative data collected from the regional engagement teams indicate requests for technical and leadership training are increasing. This encouraged us to augment the informal knowledge we have of our community with clear quantitative data. We wanted to assess individual and community group priorities on a global scale and at ground level in the regions as well.

We carried out a survey in January 2019 to gather this critical data. Responses have provided the ICANN org's regional engagement teams with the necessary additional information to set targeted priorities and facilitate discussions with the community that will inform future regional engagement strategies.

Here are some highlights from the survey results:


Capacity Development Community Survey Results by Region
Capacity Development Community Survey Results by Sector
Capacity Development Community Survey Results by Community Involvement

Responses by Community

Capacity Development Community Survey Results by Community


The survey indicates a noticeable increase in demand for all types of education and learning. "Increasing ICANN/DNS Knowledge" was the highest priority for a majority of the survey respondents, with "Personal Skill Building" the second priority.

Capacity Development Community Survey Results learning Area Priority

Within the high-level categories, we ranked four subcategories from highest priority to lowest. The questions were analyzed across sector, community involvement, and community group, with consistent results across the rankings.

Each group chose "Increasing ICANN/DNS Knowledge" as the highest priority category. They also prioritized knowledge building relating to "Internet Governance" and the "ICANN Ecosystem".

Capacity Development Community Survey Results Increasing ICANN/DNS Knowledge

The high-level category of "Personal Skill Building" rated as the second priority by respondents. Within this category, skill building for drafting policy was the highest priority. These results were consistent across all segments of responses including, region, sector, community participation, and community groups.

Capacity Development Community Survey Results Personal Skill Building

We recognize that capacity development is an overriding priority in all regional communities. ICANN is currently developing its next five-year Strategic and Operating Plans. This new research will provide ICANN org with the necessary guidance to allocate resources for capacity development around the world as part of that planning process.

In addition to this research, surveys following each training opportunity will be carried out to ensure these areas are being sufficiently addressed and participants are finding value in the experience.

If you have any further questions about the data, please contact Jeannie Ellers of the Global Stakeholder Engagement team at (gse_planning@icann.org).


Sally Costerton

Sally Costerton

Sr. Advisor to President & SVP, Global Stakeholder Engagement and Interim President & CEO