Adobe Connect Update

8 May 2018

Ashwin RanganAshwin Rangan, SVP, Engineering and Chief Information Officer (CIO)

I wanted to give you an update on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) plan for a remote participation tool and reinstating Adobe Connect.

Based on your overwhelming sentiment, over 75% of you asked in one way or another for Adobe Connect, we are carefully moving ahead with attempting to restore Adobe Connect. We are working closely with penetration testing firms including CoSo Cloud, LLC (our hosting firm) and Adobe Systems Inc. to make sure it is fully secure.

The next step is to trial-test a hardened instance at the Vancouver Board meeting and then the Global Domains Division Summit from 10 May onwards. I will update you after this.

In addition, a smaller margin of you said to look into Zoom Video Communications as an alternative or back-up for a mid- to long-term solution. We will begin this research, as it is prudent to be prepared and to explore all options.

Thank you for your feedback, continued patience, and understanding while we move forward with this plan.

Ashwin Rangan
Ashwin Rangan
SVP, Engineering and Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Ashwin Rangan

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