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A new guy blogs

19 February 2007
By Steve Goldstein

I am a new Board member, and this is my first blog entry, ever. As a new guy on the block (or maybe a recycled one, since I had been retired for four years before joining the Board), I just want to let you all know that the Board is much more active and deals with many more issues than might appear to be the case from the outside. Frankly, I don’t know how most of my colleagues who have full-time jobs find the time to keep up their Board activity. I was warned when I signed on to the Board that the learning curve would be steep, and that was no exaggeration. I am grateful to my colleagues for their patience and helping hands as I try to climb that precipice.

The Board members are enthusiastic about ICANN’s being more transparent, but it has not been all that easy to do so. I applaud Paul Levins, ICANN’s chief link to the public, for all that he has been doing to make ICANN’s activities more visible. And, he has just begun. Stay tuned.

As I look back at the Sao Paulo meeting in December, it is pretty much a blur, as it was while I was there. But, we have had several telephonic meetings of the Board and its committees since then, and lots of e-mails flying back and forth, so I hope to be able to make much more sense of everything in Lisbon. I hope to meet many more of you in person this March.



Steve Goldstein