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A Look Back at ICANN77

21 June 2023

Thank you to everyone who helped make the ICANN77 Policy Forum a success. More than 1,100 people attended in person in Washington, D.C., and another 630 joined online.

This level of in-person participation is similar to that of ICANN65 in 2019, the last in-person Policy Forum before the COVID-19 pandemic halted travel. At the same time, it is clear that hybrid meetings are the new norm, with the remote attendees participating as seamlessly as in-person attendees. I'd like to thank everyone who used the Zoom platform during the meeting; this ensures that community members across the globe can meaningfully participate in ICANN Public Meetings.

I was also pleased to see that the spirit of optimism and collaboration that we felt at the last meeting remains strong. The community and Board worked hard throughout the week to advance the four deliverables related to the New Generic Top-Level Domains Program: Next Round, which will enable the ICANN organization (org) to finalize the implementation plan due to the Board in early August. In addition, ICANN org presented an overview of the work required to complete the program development.

ICANN org and the Contracted Parties House held an outreach session on the proposed contract amendments to strengthen the obligations to help mitigate Domain Name System abuse. Be sure to visit the Public Comment proceeding page to share your input on the proposed amendments. ICANN org also provided an update on our progress in implementing the Registration Data Request Service as well as our outreach and engagement efforts.

ICANN77 participants represented 108 countries and territories. Here is a regional breakdown of the in-person attendees:

  • Africa – 82 (7.2 percent)
  • Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands – 143 (12.6 percent)
  • Europe – 227 (20 percent)
  • Latin America and the Caribbean – 73 (6.4 percent)
  • North America – 612 (53.8 percent)

More detailed statistics will be available in the ICANN77 By the Numbers Report that will be published in the coming weeks. If you missed anything during ICANN77, visit the meeting website for session recordings and transcripts.


Sally Costerton

Sally Costerton

Sr. Advisor to President & SVP, Global Stakeholder Engagement and Interim President & CEO