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Update – .NET RFP Process

20 April 2005

The anticipated response from Telcordia to the applicant's written comments as noted in ICANN.s Update dated 20 April 2005 has been delayed.

To date, we have not received the response from Telcordia but expect this response later this week. Accordingly, we are not yet certain about the timing of the posting but will continue to post updates as the information becomes available. We have attached ICANN's previous public update below.

Update – .NET RFP Process

20 April 2005

On 28 March 2005, ICANN published the "ICANN .net RFP Evaluation Final Report" prepared by Telcordia. The report indicated that VeriSign was the top-ranked applicant.

ICANN has since taken the following steps, as prescribed by the process and in an effort to ensure fairness and equal treatment to all of the applicants:

  1. ICANN posted on its website a request for comments from the public and from the Internet Community;
  2. ICANN invited the applicants to provide comments to the report in writing; and
  3. ICANN entered into intensive and speedy negotiations with VeriSign, the top-ranked applicant, based upon the previously posted form of agreement. ICANN and VeriSign have reached agreement in principle on all substantive terms.

ICANN has received written comments from all five applicants regarding the Telcordia report. ICANN published the applicants' correspondence, and forwarded it to Telcordia for review and further comment. ICANN anticipates a response from Telcordia on or before 25 April 2005.

Pursuant to the adopted RFP process, the ICANN Board will consider the following at its next meeting:

  1. the Telcordia report;
  2. the Applicants' written comments on the Telcordia report;
  3. any response from Telcordia to the Applicants' written comments;
  4. any and all public or Internet Community comments received by ICANN on its website; and
  5. the proposed .NET Registry Agreement negotiated between ICANN and VeriSign.

For additional information on the .NET RFP Process, please visit <http://www.icann.org/tlds/dotnet-reassignment/dotnet-general.htm>. A public comment forum has been established for receiving feedback from the applicants and the Internet community on the RFP process and the Telcordia report at <http://www.icann.org/tlds/net-rfp/net-rfp-public-comments.htm>. (All applicants are reminded that the terms of the RFP prohibit any other forms of communication with ICANN employees or directors concerning the RFP process.)