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Second Security, Stability, and Resiliency (SSR2) Review Team Draft Report

24 January 2020

Open Date: 24 January 2020 Close Date: 4 March 2020
Originating Organization: SSR2 Review Team via Multistakeholder Strategy and Strategic Initiatives (MSSI)
Categories/Tags: Reviews/Improvements, Accountability/Transparency
Brief Overview:

This Public Comment proceeding is on behalf of the second Security, Stability, and Resiliency Review Team (SSR2).

The SSR2 Review Team seeks to solicit input on its draft report. The report contains findings and recommendations in four key areas:

  • Implementation and impact of recommendations from the first SSR review.
  • Key stability issues within ICANN.
  • Security, stability, and resilience of the Domain Name System (DNS).
  • Future challenges.
Link: https://www.icann.org/public-comments/ssr2-rt-draft-report-2020-01-24-en