Request for Proposal for Reference LGRs for the Second Level

5 June 2015

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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN") is seeking provider(s) to develop Label Generation Rules (LGRs) for multiple languages (and scripts) for use at the second level, based on a new machine readable formal representation available at https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-davies-idntables.

In the new gTLD program, during Pre-Delegation Testing (PDT) ICANN has noted a large number of IDN table submissions. The IDN tables submitted by the new gTLD registries varied in the repertoire of characters included and the contextual rules. In order to improve consistency of testing and stability of registry operations of new gTLDs, ICANN has approved the development of reference LGRs for the second level for use in Pre-Delegation Testing (PDT) and the Registry Service Evaluation Process (RSEP). These tables will be developed based on authoritative sources, validated by experts and then finalized based on community feedback. Once finalized, these will be published openly by ICANN.

ICANN intends to use these reference LGRs for the second level for internal operations and will make them available for the community.

For additional information and instructions for submitting responses please click here [ZIP, 974 KB].

Proposals should be submitted to ReferenceLGR2ndLevel-RFP@icann.org by 23:59 UTC on the deadline provided below.

RFP timeline at a glance:



RFP released to providers on

5 June, 2015

Participants provide an intent to bid email

12 June 2015 by 23:59 UTC

Participants submit any questions to ICANN

12 June 2015 by 23:59 UTC

ICANN responds to participant questions by

19 June 2015

Provider RFP proposals due by

30 June, 2015 by 23:59 UTC

Preliminary evaluation of responses

8 July 2015

Target for participant presentations (finalists)

Week of 13 July 2015

Target for Final evaluations and selection of provider (includes contracting and award to participant)

Weeks of 20 July & 27 July 2015

Estimated start of implementation

15 August, 2015

Batch 1 Delivery to ICANN

15 November, 2015

Public Comment Report on Batch 1 to ICANN

30 January, 2016

Batch 1 Final Delivery to ICANN

1 March, 2016

Batch 2 Delivery to ICANN

1 February, 2015

Public Comment Report on Batch 2 to ICANN

1 April, 2016

Batch 2 Final Delivery to ICANN

1 May, 2016