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Public Comment: ALAC Review Mid-Point Report

23 October 2008

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The ALAC Review Working Group (WG) has released its Mid-point Consultation Report [PDF, 285K] for discussion with the ICANN community.

This preliminary report presents the WG's "initial thinking" on the questions under review following the publication of the Independent Review of the At Large Advisory Committee by Westlake Consulting. It is based on consultation that the WG has undertaken with the ICANN community at the Paris meeting, through an online comment forum and at meetings with a variety of groups with the ICANN community. A summary of the consultation is contained in an appendix to the report.

The WG is publishing this Mid-point Consultation Report now in order to engage the ICANN community and staff in dialogue at an early stage of its thinking. Comments on this paper will be very welcome and the WG encourages all interested parties to attend workshops during the ICANN Meeting in Cairo and/or post comments on the public comment forum.

This mid-point consultation document includes a discussion of areas of emerging agreement, possible recommendations, and questions that need to be addressed. It does not reach, and should not be interpreted as reaching, any definitive recommendations or conclusions at this time.

The WG will continue to consult with the community over the coming months with a view to publishing final recommendations for discussion at the Mexico meeting in early 2009.

The document attached above posting contains the text in English. Translations of this announcement will be available shortly; in the meantime, the links above provide the report in non-english versions.

Further details of the ALAC Review can be found at http://www.icann.org/en/reviews/alac/