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New ICANN Staff Appointments

17 February 2004

Kieran Baker
Acting General Manager, Communications and Public Participation

ICANN is pleased to announce that Kieran Baker has joined ICANN on a consulting basis as Acting General Manager, Communications and Public Participation. In this role, he will lead the organization's public participation and communications efforts.

Before joining ICANN, Kieran was Senior International Editor & Producer for CNN in both their Hong Kong and London bureaus as part of his twelve years with that organization. In that role he coordinated regional news gathering strategy, logistics and personnel for Asia/Pacific and, later Europe/Mid-East/Africa.

More recently, Kieran was International Coordinating Producer with Fox News, charged with the task of coordinating coverage in Iraq, Amman and Kuwait during the war in Iraq. He has interviewed senior politicians, heads of state, and military officials, handling political, military and socio-economic issues for broadcast. Kieran has worked in many hostile environments including Iraq, Kosovo and Northern Ireland.

A native of the United Kingdom, Kieran has a profound knowledge of international media and extensive experience with international news outlets. He will bring that expertise to bear on these very relevant areas of experience to bear on ICANN's global dimensions and the strong desire to better education the community and persuade the public in areas of vital concern.

John Crain
Chief Technical Officer

ICANN is pleased to announce the promotion of John Crain to Chief Technical Officer. John has been contributing his technical expertise and leadership to ICANN for over three years. In his new role, John has taken on the task of enhancing and improving the professional technical operations of ICANN and will lead the organization's root management, web site development and information services functions. John enjoys an excellent and respected reputation with the global technical community. He will conduct much of ICANN's liaison work with the global technical community in order to facilitate and listen to discussion on the many technical-based issues facing ICANN. The IAB and IETF, along with ICANN's advisory committees, will continue to be ICANN's principal sources of guidance for technical policy development.

John, a native of the United Kingdom and fluent in Dutch and English, spent a significant portion of his professional career working in the Netherlands for the RIPE NCC as part of the senior management team and was responsible for infrastructure, software development and operations. Prior to RIPE NCC, John worked as a design engineer in research, design and development of advanced materials.

Daniel E. Halloran
Deputy General Counsel

ICANN is pleased to announce the promotion of Daniel E. Halloran to Deputy General Counsel. One of ICANN's longest-serving employees, having joined the organization in May 2000, Dan has previously served ICANN as a Registrar Liaison, Chief Registrar Liaison, and was the corporation's Acting Secretary before General Counsel John Jeffrey assumed that responsibility.

In his new role, Dan will continue to be called upon for his knowledge and experience with gTLD registrar and registry matters. As Deputy General Counsel, Dan will work along side John Jeffrey on all ICANN-related legal matters. Dan's promotion to Deputy General Counsel will enable ICANN to improve responsiveness in addressing both legal matters and registry/registrar issues (by hiring a new senior-level employee to focus solely on registrar relations and compliance issues).

Dan is a graduate of Loyola Law School and a member of the State Bar of California. He holds an AB degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Chicago, and has studied at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Dan speaks and writes Spanish fluently, is familiar with Portuguese and has studied Mandarin Chinese.

Alan Sato
Network Systems Engineer

ICANN is pleased to announce that Alan Sato has joined the organization as Network Systems Engineer. In that role, Alan will be working on all technical issues concerned with maintaining and improving internal systems operations.

Alan brings over 10 years of significant network engineering experience, having worked for Internet service providers and Internet software development companies. His experience includes responsible assignments with Quarterdeck and Altrio Communications. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from Cal State Northridge.

Theresa Swinehart
General Manager, Global Partnerships

ICANN is pleased to announce the promotion of Theresa Swinehart to General Manager, Global Partnerships. In her new, expanded role, Theresa will lead ICANN's efforts in globally coordinating ICANN's planning activities and work with regional communities. Theresa also will continue to lead ICANN's outreach activities, building relationships with all interested participants and regional organizations (both those in the private sector and governmental organizations). Theresa will also conclude her work with the ccNSO launching group.

Theresa joined ICANN in 2001 as Counsel for International Legal Affairs, where her work involved ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee, country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs), and other global coordination activities.

Prior to joining ICANN, Theresa was Director for Global E-Commerce at MCI, responsible for international issues relating to e-commerce, such as data protection, ISP liability, and monitoring emerging technical areas such as ENUM (telephone numbering on the Internet). Theresa also actively participated in the global Internet community's discussions that led to the 1998 transition of the Domain Name System to private sector management and the establishment of ICANN and served as a North American representative on the ICANN Domain Name Supporting Organization's Names Council from 1999-2001.

Theresa is fluent in English and German, and conversant in other languages. She holds a law degree from American University (USA), Washington College of Law (USA), a postgraduate degree in International Studies from Universität Wien (Austria), and a BA in International Relations from the University of California, Davis (USA).