Needed: At-Large Delegates to ICANN's Nominating Committee

28 January 2003

Marina del Rey, California, USA (28 January 2003) – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is convening a Nominating Committee to select a majority of the voting members of ICANN's new Board of Directors, as well as individuals to serve in other key positions. ICANN is a private sector, non-profit corporation with technical management responsibilities for the Internet's domain name and address system.

ICANN's Interim At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC), which is responsible for considering and providing advice on the activities of ICANN as they relate to the interests of individual Internet users (the "At-Large" community), will select 5 delegates to the Nominating Committee.

The ALAC is calling for volunteers to serve as its delegates to the Nominating Committee. Individuals interested in being considered for appointment by the ALAC to the Nominating Committee are asked to contact the ALAC via e-mail to <alac-comments@icann.org> before 7 February 2003 (please include in the e-mail your name, country, profession, and e-mail address; write "Nominating Committee" in the subject line; and attach a resume or biography). Suggestions of individuals who may be interested in serving are also strongly encouraged.

Nominating Committee delegates will select a group of accomplished Board members who display diversity in geography, culture, skills, experience, and perspective, and who understand ICANN's mission and are committed to its success. The Board is responsible for ensuring that ICANN carries out its mission of coordinating, and ensuring the stability and security of, the global Internet's systems of unique identifiers (see <http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws.htm> for additional information).

The ALAC seeks Nominating Committee delegates who are:

1. Accomplished persons of integrity, objectivity, and intelligence, with reputations for sound judgment and open minds, and with experience and competence with collegial large group decision-making;

2. Persons with wide contacts, broad experience in the Internet community, and a commitment to the success of ICANN;

3. Persons whom the selecting body is confident will consult widely and accept input in carrying out their responsibilities;

4. Persons who are neutral and objective, without any fixed personal commitments to particular individuals, organizations, or commercial objectives in carrying out their Nominating Committee responsibilities;

5. Persons with an understanding of ICANN's mission and the potential impact of ICANN's activities on the broader Internet community who are willing to serve as volunteers, without compensation other than the reimbursement of certain expenses; and

6. Persons who are able to work and communicate in written and spoken English.

Additionally, delegates the ALAC selects will be geographically diverse, reflecting the global interests of the At-Large community. One individual will be selected from each of ICANN's five geographic regions – Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, and North America.

The Nominating Committee's members will serve one-year terms (with terms ending at the ICANN annual meeting, usually in October or November). The Committee's immediate task is to select 8 members of the ICANN Board, 5 members of the ALAC, and 3 members of the GNSO Council, which is responsible for developing and recommending to the ICANN Board policies relating to generic top-level domains. The Committee is expected to conduct its business online, or through teleconferences, and require a reasonably manageable time commitment. Additional information on the Nominating Committee can be found at <http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws.htm#VII>. The Committee will be chaired by Linda Wilson, ICANN Board member and former president of Radcliffe College.

Information on the ALAC and its members is available at <http://www.icann.org/committees/alac/>. Information on ICANN can be found at <http://www.icann.org>. Please contact <alac-comments@icann.org> with questions relating to this announcement (include "Nominating Committee" in the subject line). In addition to English, inquiries and recommendations are welcome in the following languages: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.