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IDN Variant Issues Project: Final Integrated Issues Report Published and Proposed Project Plan for Next Steps is Now Open for Public Comment

20 February 2012

ICANN is pleased to announce the publication of the final Integrated Issues Report [PDF, 2.15 MB] and the posting of the proposed project plan [PDF, 211 KB] for the next steps of the IDN Variant Issues Project for public comment.  The report explores the issues associated with the potential inclusion of IDN variant TLDs in the DNS root zone. The report also includes recommendations for additional work for taking the issues identified in the report and identifying potential solutions.

On 23 December 2011, the IDN Variant Issues Team published the draft Integrated Issues Report [PDF, 1.06 MB] for public comment. The report has now been updated to reflect the community feedback and published as the final Integrated Issues Report to conclude the second phase of the project. A version of tracked changes [PDF, 1.02 MB] from the draft report is also provided.

The Report marks the completion of Phase II of the Variant Issues Project. Following the recommendations identified within, the project team has created a project proposed plan for the next steps of the project and seeks community feedback. The public comment box is available at: http://www.icann.org/en/public-comment/idn-vip-proposed-project-plan-20feb12-en.htm

The IDN Variant Issues Proposed Project Plan for Next Steps along with the final Integrated Issues Report will be presented to the community during the ICANN public meeting to be held in Costa Rica during March 2012.

The IDN Variant Issues Project [PDF, 195 KB] was initiated by the ICANN Board of Directors in 2010.