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ICANN Releases Annual Report for 2005-2006

19 January 2007

Download ICANN Annual Report 2005–2006 [PDF, 1,967K]

ICANN is pleased to provide its first annual report in accordance with its commitments established under the Joint Project Agreement signed in September 2006.

As part of ICANN's commitment to greater transparency and accessibility, we have posted this annual report for review and established two means to facilitate public comment. The first is a forum for the community to submit comments and suggestions, which is available at 2006-ar-comments@icann.org. Comments can be viewed at http://forum.icann.org/lists/2006-ar-comments/.

The second is a new blog on the ICANN website that allows members of the community to exchange their views about the report. The blog can be found at http://blog.icann.org/.

We invite feedback on this inaugural annual report to better inform its development and ensure that it reflects the views and interests of the community.