ICANN Posts Draft of Final Version of Strategic Plan

18 March 2006

Updated 25 March 2006

Development of the July 2006 to June 2009 strategic plan began at the ICANN meeting in Luxembourg in July 2005 and has included extensive consultation with the community through small group workshops in English, French and Spanish, workshops with Supporting Organizations and Advisory committees, public forums at ICANN meetings and public forums on the ICANN website. Based on the input received from the community to previous issues papers and working documents, a version of the plan has been compiled for comment. The document is concise and outlines the five strategic objectives for ICANN for the next three years. This document will inform the Operational Planning consultations which will commence at the meeting in Wellington.

It has been posted today with a view to having the plan adopted at the Wellington meeting.

The document will be translated into French and Spanish and posted in the near future. Comments can be made on the stratplan-draft-comments@icann.org.

Comment archives are at http://forum.icann.org/lists/stratplan-draft-comments.