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Guidelines for Developing Reference Label Generation Rules (LGRs) for the Second Level Version 2

30 March 2020

Open Date: 30 March 2020 Close Date: 12 May 2020
Originating Organization: Global Domains Division
Categories/Tags: Second-Level Domains
Brief Overview:

ICANN org had published reference Label Generation Rules (LGRs) for multiple languages to facilitate the security and stability of Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) operations of generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) registries and improve transparency and consistency of testing IDN tables. The existing guidelines used for these reference IDN tables focus on developing language-based reference LGRs. Since then, the detailed analyses of multiple scripts have been completed for the Root Zone Label Generation Rules (RZ-LGR) by the relevant communities. These analyses can now be used for creating reference second-level LGRs for these scripts. Therefore, the Guidelines for Developing Reference LGRs for the Second Level are being updated to also include details of how to design script-based reference LGRs in addition to language-based reference LGRs. These guidelines are published for community feedback on the proposed methodology. Based on these guidelines, which will be finalized after incorporating the input from the community, ICANN org will continue to develop the IDN tables for additional languages and scripts and post these for public comment.

Link: https://www.icann.org/public-comments/lgr-second-level-2-2020-03-30-en