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CEO Search Process Announcement

28 October 2011

Following the announcement by ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom that he will be departing ICANN at the end of his three year term on July 1, 2012, the ICANN Board of Directors established a search committee to plan and execute a strategy to identify CEO candidates for submission to the Board. The committee was established duirng the Board's 11 October 2011 Board meeting, and its membership consists of George Sadowsky (chair), Steve Crocker, Bertrand de La Chapelle, Erika Mann, Chris Disspain, Cherine Chalaby, Ray Plzak and R. Ramaraj.

The Committee made an initial presentation in Dakar, describing generally the process and timeline that they expect to follow. The major part of the presentation described the current thinking of the Board regarding the characteristics that the new CEO should have. The committee asked for community input in two ways: (1) during the session itself; and (2) by sending e-mail to the committee at: ceosearch2012@icann.org

Given the limited time for the entire search and hiring process, the committee set a deadline for comments of 15 November 2011. At that time, all input received will be used to create a job and requirements description that will be used for the actual search. This input, requested by the committee, will be most helpful if the ideas expressed are succinct, positive, and oriented to describing what is desired.

Community members are also encouraged to identify this opportunity to others who they believe would be excellent candidates for the position.

The committee hopes to provide specific instructions for interested candidates in early December.

A transcript of the session may be seen at http://dakar42.icann.org/node/26851. The slides containing the Board's thinking regarding desirable candidate selection are found at http://dakar42.icann.org/meetings/dakar2011/presentation-ceo-search-committee-24oct11-en.pdf [PDF, 73 KB]. Information on the CEO Search Committee can be found at: http://www.icann.org/en/committees/ceo-search/