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ALAC Review: Translations of Final Report by Independent Evaluator Released

13 August 2008

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The final report of the Independent Review of the ALAC submitted by Westlake Consulting has been posted today in Arabic [PDF, 940K], Chinese [PDF, 881K], French [PDF, 629K], German [PDF, 611K] and Spanish [PDF, 629K]. (The English original [PDF, 561K] was posted on 25 July 2008.) This final report has been published following consultation on the draft report at the Paris meeting.

The Board Governance Committee ALAC Review Working Group is very keen to obtain the views of the ICANN community and other interested parties on the recommendations contained in this report. A public forum has been established to receive comments.

For more information on the ALAC Review, please see the ALAC Review update page.

Update: 01 December 2008

The public comment period is now finished; comments received can be consulted at http://forum.icann.org/lists/alac-final-2008/