Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Background on GNSO Improvements

The GNSO Improvements implementation effort is now being coordinated and managed by the two steering committees: the Operating Steering Committee (OSC) and the Policy Process Steering Committee (PPSC).

The PPSC, slated to meet on a bi-weekly basis, oversees the work of two work teams:  one focused on developing a new and improved Policy Development Process (PDP) and a second on a standardized working group model. The OSC initially plans to meet on a weekly basis and will oversee work team efforts to implement Board directives regarding:

  • GNSO Council operations;
  • Stakeholder group and constituency processes and operations; and
  • Efforts to improve substantially the various communications functions in the GNSO community that will lead to broader and more effective community participation in all policy development activities.

GNSO Council Restructuring Schedule

  • As directed by the ICANN Board, implementation of and the transition to a newly structured GNSO Council will follow its own specific timetable. The Board expects a new council to be seated at the June 2009 ICANN Asia Meeting in Sydney, Australia. The current GNSO Council began discussing specific implementation planning for the transition during the Cairo meetings. The Council prepared a report outlining the issues, timetables and possible approaches to an efficient transition to the newly structured GNSO Council, and it shared the latest version of that document with ICANN Board members prior to their 11 December meeting.

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