Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Compliance Operating Plan

ICANN is committed to an effective contractual compliance program that reflects its bottom-up, multistakeholder, industry self-regulating model.

By working with registrars and registries to ensure all contracted parties adhere to a set of rules or a standard of performance, ICANN aims to:

  1. Work constructively with registrars and registries to foster a culture of compliance

    The Compliance team will continue its outreach efforts and work closely with registrars and registries to help them understand their contractual obligations and overcome any compliance challenges and issues that they may have.

  2. Proactively monitor compliance by contracted parties

    The Compliance team will proactively monitor registry and registrar compliance with the terms and conditions of their agreements with ICANN through automated monitoring tools and audits.

  3. Resolve contractual compliance matters informally, if appropriate

    The Compliance team will attempt to resolve contractual compliance matters informally and expeditiously before pursuing formal remedies available under the agreements, if appropriate.

  4. Aggressively pursue cases of non-compliance

    The Compliance team will pursue clear cases of non-compliance in a timely and open manner to mitigate potential harm to consumers.

  5. Maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism

    The Compliance team will strive to meet the highest ethical standards and carry out contractual compliance activities in a professional and impartial manner.

  6. Continue to develop and enhance procedures for consistent handling of compliance matters

    The Compliance team will treat registrars and registries fairly and consistently through well-defined and documented escalated compliance processes.

  7. Analyze consumer complaint data to assess trends and inform policy development

    The Compliance team will analyze consumer complaints and data to identify trends and provide compliance data to inform fact-based policy development.

  8. Improve accountability and transparency

    The Compliance team aims to provide timely reporting of its activities and performance metrics to the ICANN community, through use of better technology and tools.

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