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Technical Liaison Group (TLG) Review


The ICANN Technical Liaison Group (TLG) consists of four organizations:

  • European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI),
  • International Telecommunications Union's Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T),
  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and
  • Internet Architecture Board (IAB).

The purpose of the TLG is to connect the ICANN Board with appropriate sources of technical advice on specific matters pertinent to ICANN's activities.

Status: Implementation Phase

October 2011

23 October 2011 – The Structural Improvements Committee finds it advisable to have the Final Report [PDF, 256 KB] posted for public comments to provide further basis for actions and recommends that the Board request such posting.

Dakar - the Board directs that the "Final Report from the Board Technical Relations Working Group" [PDF, 256 KB], dated 22 August 2011, be posted for public comments and a summary of comments received be provided to the SIC.

August 2011 The Board acknowledges receipt of the draft final report [PDF, 255 KB] and directs the SIC to analyze the report and propose a course of action.
April 2011

The SIC unanimously agrees to recommending the proposed BTR WG Charter [PDF, 88 KB] for adoption by the Board.

21 April 2011 – the Board approves the BTR WG Charter subject to final adjustment of the Charter to include a step for further review and instructs the SIC, in coordination with staff, to support and follow the work of the WG.

March 2011

Silicon Valley Meeting – The Board accepts the Final Report on the TLG Review and resolves to establish the Board Technical Relations Working Group to consider measures to enhance the coordination and cooperation between ICANN and other members of the Internet technical community with the intent of dissolving the TLG by the 2011 Annual meeting. The Board asks the Working Group to engage the ICANN community in a fully consultative process. The Board requests the BGC to nominate five members of this Working Group for consideration at the Board meeting of 21 April 2011 and requests that the SIC develop a charter for this Working Group based upon the TLG review report.

December 2010

The independent external reviewers now issue their final report [PDF, 452 KB] for public comment. The community is invited to participate in this comment forum by 24 January 2011 and to provide input on the final report via The final report shall then be considered by the SIC and subsequently submitted to the ICANN Board for consideration.

[PDF, 337 KB] العربية Français [PDF, 391 KB] Español [PDF, 469 KB] Русский [PDF, 537 KB] 中文 [PDF, 547 KB]
October 2010

On 23 October 2010, JAS Communications LLC, the independent consultants selected to carry out the external review of the Technical Liaison Group (TLG), release their draft report [PDF, 286 KB], presenting their preliminary conclusions and recommendations. The draft report is submitted for a public comment period that will close on 21 November 2010.

[PDF, 548 KB] العربية Español [PDF, 880 KB] Français [PDF, 859 KB] Русский [PDF, 952 KB] 中文 [PDF, 1.01 MB]
August 2010 ICANN appoints the external consultant – JAS Communications – to carry out the independent review of the Technical Liaison Group (TLG).

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