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Name: Dessalegn Yehuala
Date:9 May 2022
Affiliation: Chair, Ethiopic Scrip GP
1. Are the individual script proposals created by the Generation Panels (available here) correctly integrated into RZ-LGR-5?
2. In your view, are there any required technical changes to RZ-LGR-5? Please list them with an explanation.

I can see some of the code points in Ethiopic script creating a cross script variants issue with a few code points across the three scripts (Armenian, Cyrillic and Hebrew). A list of the code points which have the potential of causing cross script variants have been attached for your consideration.

3. Do you have any additional observations or suggested changes?

Typo or grammar edits:

Section: Merged LGR

Third paragraph, first line- the sentence when processing an applied for label (incomplete) needs revisiting.

Also typo error: Same paragraph (third paragraph) in the third line, replace "all well" with  “as well as”

Summary of Attachment

The attached file contains the list of Ethiopic script code points which have the potential to cause cross script variants, it is attached as a jpeg file in order to address problems of variations in rendering the code points across platforms of interest.

Summary of Submission

In summary, the LGR-5 proposal looks good. We would like the IP to take into consideration the cross variant issues identified by the Ethiopic script GP, and make the necessary modifications to reflect our inputs in the final LGR-5 version duly.