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Public Comment is a vital part of our multistakeholder model. It provides a mechanism for stakeholders to have their opinions and recommendations formally and publicly documented. It is an opportunity for the ICANN community to effect change and improve policies and operations.


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Name: At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) Policy staff in support of the At-Large Community
Date:25 May 2023
Summary of Attachment

Please find attached (PDF) the ALAC Statement on the Proposed Renewal of the Registry Agreement for .NET.

Ratification is currently in process, and will be updated once complete (see the cover page).


Kind Regards,

ICANN Policy Staff in support of the At-Large Community

Summary of Submission

The At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) appreciates this opportunity to comment on the proposed renewal of the .NET registry agreement. The At-Large Community and the ALAC are supportive of the majority of updates to the .NET contract including provisions concerning RDAP; DNS Abuse mitigation commitments; and use, by ICANN, of the Bulk Registration Data Access (BRDA) for research.

We have recommendations related to the boundaries of consensus policy with respect to .NET, the need for a comparison between .NET and the Base Registry Agreements (RAs), and the need to revisit Registry Operator participation in economic studies (including .NET).