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Name: Bill Jouris
Date:11 Oct 2021
1. Overall, does the proposal meet its goal of defining Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) labels for the Japanese script that are suitable for the root zone?
2. In your view, are there any required technical changes to the proposal? Please list them and include explanations.

The Panel has decided that hiragana and katakana do not generally produce variants (except in the cases where the kana are identical). But do you really want a situation where one registrant could have a domain name in hiragana, a different registrant could have the same name except rendered in katakana? (And, for that matter, a third registrant having the same name in kanji and a fourth registrant having the name in romanji.) This would seem to be an invitation to DNS Abuse.

Summary of Submission

The Panel may wish to reconsider their definition of variants.