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Final Report on Three-Character Requirement and Variant Management

Open: 3 December 09
Closed: 8 January 10

Explanation/Background: The IDN-Implementation Working Team was established to study two topics in anticipation of the delegation of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) into the root zone:

  1. Management of Variant Top-Level Domains (TLDs);
  2. Whether there can be exceptions to the three-character requirement for generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs).

The Final Report on 3-Character Requirement and Variant Management [PDF, 337K] is being posted for public comment to ensure broad community input on the proposed recommendations. After the public comment period, a set of solutions will be devised for further discussion and consideration in the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process, the IDN ccTLD PDP, and in the next version of the new gTLD Applicant Guidebook.

Staff member responsible: Kurt Pritz

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