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Name: Steinar Grøtterød
Date:18 Jul 2023
Affiliation: iQ Global AS (iQ)
Other Comments

The draft ICANN Advisory - DNS Abuse must be seen in combination with the proposed RA and RAA amendments. The ICANN Advisory - together with the approved RA and RAA amendments, will be the needed tools for ICANN Compliance.

Summary of Attachment

iQ proposes some minor operational improvements.

Summary of Submission

iQ is a Norwegian registered company that specializes in domain abuse and reputation management services.

IQ’s client base includes Registry Operators, Registrars, Hosting providers and entities in the domain name and internet infrastructure industries seeking to monitor and manage their namespace for suspicious behavior including DNS Abuse.

iQ welcomes the proposed amendments for the RA and RAA. In our view, in addition to the work Registries and Registrars are already doing to combat DNS Abuse, the proposed amendments are a great step forward. We believe that the entire infrastructure community needs to work together to reduce the impact of DNS Abuse, and we would like to support the proposed changes.