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Sixth Update on .org Reassignment Process

2002 年 09 月 13 日


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This is an update on the status of the evaluation of the eleven applications ICANN received from entities seeking to become the registry operator for the .org top-level domain on 1 January 2003, when VeriSign, Inc. gives up that role. For more information, see these earlier updates:

Delay in Finalized Evaluation Report

The schedule laid out in the Fourth Update on the .org Reassignment Process indicated that the evaluation report would be finalized and posted on Saturday, 14 September 2002. Several supplemental questions have been recently posed to applicants; responses to some have just been received and others are not scheduled to be received until the 14th. To allow full consideration of these responses, the final evaluation report will not be posted until next week. At the time it is posted, any necessary additional adjustments to the schedule for the remainder of the .org Reassignment Process will be announced.