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Registry Monthly Reports Now Available on ICANN Website

2003 年 02 月 21 日


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Under its agreements with operators and sponsors of generic top-level domains (.aero, .biz, .com, .coop, .info, .museum, .name, .net, and .org), ICANN receives monthly reports covering registration activity, registrar volumes, technical performance, and growth trends. For some time, ICANN has been preparing the reports it has accumulated for posting, with the goal of making this information available to the community after confidentiality restrictions expire. As a first stage of this project, fifty of the reports have now been posted on the ICANN web site, indexed from the web page at <http://www.icann.org/tlds/monthly-reports/>.

Preparation of additional registry reports for posting is ongoing, and more reports will be made available as the preparation work progresses. ICANN receives registry reports under various confidentiality restrictions that must be reviewed before the reports can be posted. These restrictions expire in a phased manner which allows reports to be posted on a defined schedule after they are received. For example, the monthly reports contain information that ICANN must treat as confidential until three months after the month to which they relate.

As the preparation work progresses and confidentiality restrictions expire, ICANN expects to post other monthly reports, as well as proof-of-concept reports associated with the introduction of new top-level domains inaugurated in 2001.