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Public Comment: Improving Institutional Confidence Plan

2009 年 03 月 12 日


The draft Implementation Plan for Improving Institutional Confidence [PDF, 332K]

A public comment period opens today on the draft Implementation Plan for Improving Institutional Confidence [PDF, 332K] produced by the President's Strategy Committee and submitted to the Board of Directors.

The PSC is a committee reporting to the President only and this plan has not at this stage been agreed to or considered by the Board. On 6 March 2009, the Board accepted the report by the PSC and decided to post it for 60 days public comment. The Board also directed staff to evaluate implementation of the proposals and report their findings to the Board. Following the public consultation, the Board will consider the draft Implementation Plan.

To allow for comprehensive community analysis, this comment period will run for 60 days, finishing on 11 May, 2009.

The draft report recommendations include:

  • To maintain ICANN's headquarters in the United States
  • To review whether an additional legal presence outside the United States would be advantageous to the organization
  • To strengthen government involvement in ICANN and work with the Governmental Advisory Committee to facilitate effective consideration of its advice
  • To improve the summary and analysis of public comments
  • To set up a committee of independent experts to propose further Board accountability mechanisms

The report includes an appendix of detailed legal analysis on the implications of establishing additional legal presences.

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