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Proposals Sought For DNS Operations/L-root Contingency Exercise Consultant

2010 年 10 月 11 日


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ICANN is posting this request for proposals [PDF, 360 KB] for an exercise consultant to assist with an internal ICANN DNS operations & L-root contingency exercise to be conducted in Q1 2011.

Regular contingency exercises are part of ICANN's responsibility to ensure the stable, secure and resilient operation of ICANN's DNS operations, L-root, and organizational infrastructure. This also serves as an example for other operators of DNS infrastructure and demonstrates ICANN's commitment to ensure the stable and secure operation of the Internet's unique identifier system.

The scope of the work will cover activities associated with planning and conducting the exercise, including development of exercise topics, scope and objectives; the exercise schedule, milestones, processes and logistics (in coordination with ICANN staff); exercise briefing, participant and facilitator guides and other supporting materials/aids. The work will also include facilitation of the exercise and post-exercise briefing; the After Action Report (AAR) with observations and recommendations, and briefing materials as required on the AAR for ICANN staff and stakeholders.

Information on previous ICANN Continuity exercises conducted 2008-2010 is available below:

Deadline: Respondents are requested to reply to Patrick Jones, Senior Manager for Continuity & Risk Management, by 5 November 2010 23:59 UTC. A confirmation email will be sent for each proposal received.