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Implementation of Internationalized Top Level Domains

2005 年 11 月 17 日


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As previously announced, an IDN workshop will be held during the ICANN Vancouver meeting. Accordingly, ICANN previously posted a formal call for papers on the topic of Internationalized Top Level Domains. The timeline for submitting such papers have now expired and ICANN is pleased to post the result.

Whereas several members of the community have requested speaking slots, not all have provided a paper for such speaking slot. The list below should hence not be considered as the list of potential candidates for speaking slots at the workshop, but more so a collection of potential papers and ideas to be presented at the workshop.

By posting these papers ICANN does not endorse their content. The complete list of candidate papers submitted below is indicative of the breadth of ideas to be presented at the workshop. ICANN is appointing a technical panel to review these proposals to determine which are to be presented at the workshop. Following this review an agenda will be posted and the speakers will be contacted directly.

The following papers have been submitted for consideration:

The IDN comment forum for discussions about these various papers will continue to be open throughout the Vancouver meeting:

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