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Final Proposed Draft v. 2.0 of the IDN Guidelines

2005 年 11 月 7 日


  • English

The final proposed draft version 2.0 of the Guidelines for implementation of Internationalized Domain Names is now posted. This draft is currently pending endorsement from the ICANN Board.

To highlight the changes made as a result of the public consultation, the IDN Guideline Summary is also posted, which includes: an overview of the public comments made as a result of the posting of the earlier draft; actions taken by the IDN Revision Working Group in response to the comment received on the initially proposed draft; and the identification of next steps in the IDN deployment process. These comments have been synthesized with the initially proposed draft of the Guidelines to provide the present final proposed version that has been submitted to the ICANN Board for endorsement.

The proposed final version of the IDN Guidelines can be found here.

The IDN Guideline Summary of the working group's response to the comments received on the initial proposed draft can be found here.

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