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Name: Weijian Liao
Date:5 May 2023
Other Comments

Regarding section 2.7(b)(ii) of the .NET Registry-Registrar Agreement(page 148):

1. How do ICANN and VeriSign define "Government," "Administrative authority," "Governmental authority," and "Court of competent jurisdiction"? Is there a complete and clear list of sovereign entities that meet these definitions?

2. How do ICANN and VeriSign determine the legality of the "Applicable law," "Legal order," "regulations," "rules," and "Subpoena" defined in this section? Is it necessary to provide evidence of the legality of relevant legal provisions to the corresponding sovereign entity, and the legal basis for claiming that a specific .net domain name violates local laws? If so, will this information be made public, and if so, how? Will ICANN and VeriSign make this information public before or after taking appropriate measures to resolve the domain name dispute?

3. How do ICANN and VeriSign identify and resolve conflicts between legal provisions of different or the same sovereign entities? What is the SLA for conflict resolution? What is the process for disputing conflict resolution?

4. In 2017, the Russian government blocked the use of WeChat by users within its borders(FYI:, claiming that WeChat violated the country's information security laws. This blockade affected the core WeChat domain name, After the .NET Registry Agreement is passed by ICANN and VeriSign, if the Russian government requests that VeriSign suspend the resolution of to avoid information security risks, will VeriSign accept this request? If not, please explain in detail. If so, please explain in detail how ICANN and VeriSign will handle the situation in accordance with this agreement.

Summary of Submission

To whom it may concern,

I've strongly object to this .NET Registry Agreement Renewal due to the vagueness of processing highly potential conflicts, which will not only cause severe confusions but also make immeasurable damage to the whole Internet society.