Взаимодействие с правительствами и МПО

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Government Engagement Public Reporting

At ICANN, we are committed to transparent and accountable engagement with government and standards bodies, as outlined in this Charter. ICANN org’s approach to meeting the Charter obligations continues to evolve, ensuring that relevant engagement initiatives are accessible to the public. 

ICANN actively monitors the development of government and intergovernmental organization (IGO) activities to ensure that the organization has the necessary information, tools, and resources to prepare for and address geopolitical issues impacting ICANN’s mission. 

Starting from ICANN73, ICANN  has introduced a regular session at its public meetings, organized by the Government Engagement team, to update the community on geopolitical, legislative, and regulatory developments. These plenary sessions offer a comprehensive overview of ongoing engagement efforts, with the recordings of each available below.  


ICANN also provides a publicly available list of organization-wide government and IGO engagement activities to the GAC. Access these reports here