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Voting Transcript of Board Meeting

(Meeting commenced at 1:10 p.m.)

(Roll taken.)

(Discussion of Consideration of .MA [ Morocco] Redelegation Request agenda item.)

>>VINT CERF: It's been moved and seconded that the redelegation of the .MA be undertaken. We're on the record taking a vote on that redelegation request.

Staff has reported that the redelegation appears to be non-controversial. The (inaudible) entity that will be redelegated to ultimately intends to arrange for a nonprofit to undertake the task at a later time.

So I'm calling on the board now to vote on the redelegation of .MA, Morocco.

All those in favor, please say aye.

>> Aye.

>>VINT CERF: Were there any opposed?

Any abstentions?

>>VINT CERF: Mr. Secretary, the motion passed for the redelegation of .MA top-level domain to ANRT in Morocco.

Let's move on, then, to the redelegation of .GD, the redelegation of Grenada.

(Discussion off the record.)

(Discussion of Consideration of .GD [ Grenada] Redelegation Request agenda item.)

>>VINT CERF: Okay. We're on the record. We are considering the redelegation of Grenada.

It has been moved and seconded that the board approve the redelegation of the .GD top-level domain to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Grenada.

And I'll now call for a vote.

All those in favor of this redelegation, please say aye.

>> Aye.

>>VINT CERF: Are there any opposed?

Are there any abstentions?

We're off the record now.

(Discussion off the record.)

(Meeting adjourned at 2:57 p.m.)