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Secretary's Notice | 21 April 2000

To: Paul Wilson, ASO Secretariat

Copy to: Pindar Wong
Ken Fockler
Michael Roberts
Andrew McLaughlin

Subject: Revised Terms of Office--Pindar Wong and Ken Fockler

t its Cairo meeting, the ICANN Board adopted a revision to the bylaws allowing an SO, after submitting its designation of original directors having 1, 2, and 3 year terms, to revise the assignment of terms that it originally made. This revision only becomes effective upon the written consent of the directors whose terms are affected.

This is to formally confirm that the steps required to reassign the terms of the ASO-selected directors have now been accomplished. The revised terms are:

1 year Pindar Wong (was 2 years)
2 years Ken Fockler (was 1 year)
3 years Rob Blokzijl (unchanged)

ccordingly, the term of Pindar Wong now expires on 30 September 2000 and the term of Ken Fockler now expires on 30 September 2001.

Louis Touton
ICANN Secretary