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Preliminary Report | Meeting of the Executive Committee 16 June 2003

(Posted 16 June 2003)

At its meeting on 16 June 2003, the ICANN Executive Committee adopted the following resolutions:

Approval of Minutes

Resolved [EC03.10] that the minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held on 6 May 2003 are hereby approved and adopted as corrected.

Reimbursement of Mouhamet Diop Expenses

Whereas, Article VI, Section 22 of the ICANN bylaws provides that the Board may authorize the reimbursement of actual and necessary reasonable expenses incurred by Directors performing their duties as Directors;

Whereas, in resolution 01.109 the Board delegated to the Executive Committee the authority to approve reimbursements to Directors;

Whereas, Director Mouhamet Diop has been requested to attend the Pan-Arab Regional Conference on WSIS to be held 16-18 June 2003 on behalf of ICANN, with estimated expenses for his travel and accommodations expected to be approximately US$5,000;

Whereas, the Executive Committee finds Dr. Diop's attendance at the Pan-Arab Regional Conference on WSIS to be in the interests of ICANN;

Resolved [EC03.11] that the Executive Committee authorizes the reimbursement, upon presentation of satisfactory documentation, of Dr. Diop's expenses for travel and accommodations while attending the Pan-Arab Regional Conference on WSIS to be held 16-18 June 2003 in an amount not to exceed US$5,500.

Reimbursement of Stuart Lynn Expenses

Whereas, M. Stuart Lynn incurred US$434.50 in hotel expenses while acting on behalf of ICANN as its President in January 2003;

Whereas, Dr. Lynn's presentation of this expense was delayed due to a misunderstanding on his part as to who had paid the expense;

Whereas, the General Counsel has advised that ICANN's employment agreement with Dr. Lynn obligates it to reimburse him for the expense;

Resolved [EC03.12] that the President is authorized to reimburse Dr. Lynn in the amount of US$434.50 for this expense.