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Structural Improvements Committee (SIC) Meeting - Minutes 4 May 2012

SIC Members: Ray Plzak – Chair; Sébastien Bachollet; Bertrand de La Chappelle; and Thomas Roessler

SIC Apologies: Judith Duavit Vazquez

Other Board attendees: Erika Mann and Suzanne Woolf

Staff Attendees: Nigel Hickson, Vice President, Europe; David Olive, Vice President, Policy Development Support; Samantha Eisner, Olof Nordling, and Alina Syunkova

The following is a summary of discussions, decisions, and actions identified:

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm local time in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  1. Minutes: The SIC approved the minutes of its prior meeting in March 2012

  2. ASO Review: The SIC discussed the status of the review of the ASO being conducted through the NRO. The public comment forum on the reviewer’s Final Report closed on 30 April 2012, and the comments have been summarized. The SIC noted that it needs to continue coordination with the NRO regarding identification of implementation steps to recommend to the Board.

    • Action:

      • SIC to finalize coordination with the NRO to reach implementation recommendations to present to the Board.

The meeting adjourned at 4:05 pm local time.