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Board Risk Committee (RC) – Minutes 12 September 2012

RC Attendees: Steve Crocker, Ray Plzak, Mike Silber - Chair, Bruce Tonkin, R. Ramaraj, Suzanne Woolf, and Judith Vazquez

Other Board Attendees: Akram Atallah, Erika Mann, Ram Mohan, Thomas Narten, and Thomas Narten

RC Apologies: Thomas Roessler

Other Invited Attendees: Olga Madruga-Forti

Staff Attendees: Xavier Calvez – Chief Financial Officer; John Jeffrey – General Counsel and Secretary; Jeff Moss – Chief Security Officer; Kurt Pritz – Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Relations; Edward Beck, Michelle Bright, Samantha Eisner, Daniel Halloran, Patrick Jones, and Amy Stathos

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting: The RC approved the minutes of its previous meeting.
  2. Software Process Review: The RC was introduced to Ed Beck, the new Vice President for IT, and staff confirmed that with Ed's introduction, improvements are being made to internal coordination on risk identification and mitigation efforts.
  3. TAS and New gTLD Update: The RC received a presentation on the risk-related efforts performed since Prague. A revised identification of the risks and mitigation efforts associated with the New gTLD Program will be provided to the RC prior to Toronto. The RC also had a high-level discussion of some of the emerging risk areas.
  4. Planning for Next Meeting: Staff provided proposed topics for discussion at the RC's next meeting, including strategic risks, new gTLDs, and the Risk Management Process overview. The RC requested an overview of the historical risk-related work performed on the New gTLD Program.
    • Action:
      • Staff to prepare a summary-level document on the New gTLD Program risk review to aid in RC discussion.
      • Staff and RC to determine if a telephonic meeting is required prior to Toronto.
      • Staff to implement improvements to meeting materials as requested by RC.