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Minutes – Audit Committee (AC) Meeting 23 March 2011

AC Attendees: Steve Crocker and Rita Rodin Johnston – Chair

Apologies: Erika Mann

Staff members present: Akram Atallah – Chief Operating Officer; Juan Ojeda, Diane Schroeder and Amy Stathos

Guests: Representative from Independent Auditor – Moss Adams

The following is a summary of discussion, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Presentation from Independent Auditor: The independent auditor provided a presentation to the AC as part of the required communications. The presentation included, among other things, information related to timing of audit work to be done, what the audit will and will not entail, discussion of future required communications, and information about new requirements.

  2. Internal Auditor: The AC convened an executive session with the representatives from the company that provides internal auditing.

    • Actions: Staff to finalize statement of work with internal auditors.