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Agenda | ICANN Regular Board Meeting - Los Angeles 16 October 2014

Consent Agenda:

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Redelegation of .MK ccTLD and delegation of IDN ccTLD (мкд) for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  3. Delegation of IDN ccTLD (.გე) for Georgia
  4. Registrars Stakeholder Group Charter Amendments
  5. Extension of .AN (Netherlands Antilles) ccTLD removal date
  6. Thank You to Community Members
  7. Thank You to Sponsors of ICANN 51 Meeting
  8. Thank You to Interpreters, Staff, Event and Hotel Teams of ICANN 51 Meeting

Main Agenda

  1. Thank You to the 2014 Nominating Committee
  2. Introduction of Two-character Domain Names in the New gTLD Namespace
  3. ICANN Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2016 – 2020
  4. Thank You to Wolfgang Kleinwächter for his service to the ICANN Board
  5. Thank You to Sébastien Bachollet for his service to the ICANN Board
  6. Thank You to Bill Graham for his service to the ICANN Board

Published 10 October 2014