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Public Comment: Revised Conflicts of Interest Policy

6 мая 2009

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A new public comment period opens today for 30 days on the revised Conflicts of Interest Policy [PDF, 117K].

Click here to go through to the public comment period (open until 5 June 2009).

The ICANN Board initially adopted a Conflicts of Interest Policy on 4 March 1999, pursuant to ICANN Bylaws, Article V, Section 7, and Article VI, Section 3(b).

The Board Governance Committee ("BGC") has responsibility for administration of ICANN's Conflicts of Interest Policy. The Committee charter specifically states that the BGC "shall periodically review the Conflicts of Interest Policy and consider whether any modifications should be made to the policy to improve its effectiveness." In furtherance of its role, the BGC has reviewed and significantly revised the Conflicts of Interest Policy in order to, among other things, remain current with legal disclosure requirements.

On 23 April 2009, the ICANN Board of Directors followed the BGC's recommendation that the revised Conflicts of Interest Policy be posted for public comment.

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