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Public Comment: ccNSO DRDWG Seeks Comments on its Final Report

17 февраля 2011

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The Chair of the ccNSO's working group on delegation, re-delegation and retirement of ccTLD’s (DRDWG) is pleased to announce the publication of the working groups Final Report [PDF, 120 KB]. The objective is to inform and solicit input and comment from the community on the recommendations of the working group to the ccNSO Council and the key findings. In particular the working group would appreciate your views on whether the recommendation of the DRDWG would resolve the short and long term issues identified or if you would propose alternate recommendations and if so, why?

To be most helpful you are kindly requested to submit your comments by 15 March 2011 at: ccnso-drdwg-final-report@icann.org

An archive of all comments received will be publicly available.

Background and next steps:

According to its charter the purpose of DRDWG is to advise the ccNSO Council whether it should launch a policy development process to recommend changes to the current policies for delegation, re-delegation and retirement of ccTLDs. It may also consider possible solutions to any issues or matters of concern to resolve issues the DRDWG identified.

The working group has published its first progress report in February 2010 and consecutive progress reports in June 2010, and December 2010. Both the charter and the progress reports can be found at: http://ccnso.icann.org/workinggroups/drdwg.htm

After closure of the comment period, the working group will submit its Final Report to the ccNSO Council taking into account the public comments and input.