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ICANN Opens Public Comment Period on GNR Proposal

20 октября 2006

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On 2 October 2006, ICANN posted for public information a proposal submitted through the Registry Request Service by Global Name Registry, Ltd for the limited release of two-character names under Appendix K of the .NAME Registry Agreement and the Registry Services Evaluation Policy. ICANN has made a preliminary determination that the GNR proposal requires further consideration by the Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel (RSTEP) because ICANN does not have sufficient information to determine whether the issues raised in RFC 1535 (see http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc1535.txt), as well as similar issues not directly described in RFC 1535, are significant enough to prevent the limited release of two-character names in .NAME. Accordingly, today ICANN has referred the proposal to the RSTEP.

Under the terms of the Policy, the RSTEP shall have 45 calendar days from the referral, until 4 December 2006, to prepare a written report regarding the proposed Registry Service's effect on security and stability, which report (along with a summary of any public comments) shall be forwarded to the ICANN Board. The report shall set forward the opinions of the RSTEP, including, but not limited to, a detailed statement of the analysis, reasons, and information upon which the panel has relied in reaching their conclusions, along with the response to any specific questions that were included in the referral from ICANN staff.

A public comment period will remain open until 5:00 PM PDT/ California, 20 November 2006. Public comments will be available for consideration by the RSTEP and the ICANN Board.

Documents related to the GNR proposal are available here:

Comments can be posted to: gnr-proposal-comments@icann.org

Comments can be viewed at: http://forum.icann.org/lists/gnr-proposal-comments/