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Minutes – Board Finance Committee (BFC) Meeting 6 April 2011

BFC Attendees: Sébastien Bachollet, Rajasekhar Ramaraj – Chair; and George Sadowsky

Apologies: Cherine Chalaby

Other Board Attendees: Steve Crocker and Katim Touray

Staff Members Present: Akram Atallah – Chief Operating Officer; Kurt Pritz – Senior Vice President, Services; Juan Ojeda; Diane Schroeder and Amy Stathos

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Minutes – Reviewed and approved minutes from BFC meeting held on 13 March 2010.

  2. Brussels Office Space – Staff provided a report on status of office space in Brussels. The BFC discussed the benefits of purchasing office space as opposed to continuing to rent office space, including issues surrounding insurance and ICANN's overall plans for internationalization. Some BFC members suggested that such discussions may be premature and should follow a thorough discussion of ICANN's internationalization strategy.

    • Action: Staff to ensure report on internationalization is provided to Board for consideration, and Board to discuss internationalization strategy before any office location or purchase decisions are finalized

  3. 401(k) Planning Committee – Staff provided brief presentation on formalization of the 401(k) Planning Committee. The BFC discussed the role the planning committee is serving and the possible need for a Board review path. The BFC recommended that the Board resolve to formalize the planning committee.

    • Action: Staff to present resolution to the Board for approval at its next meeting.

  4. Registrar Accreditation Application Fee – Staff provided a report on the incremental increases in cost to process applications and fact that the current application fee was established in 2001. The BFC discussed the cost-recovery nature of the fees and support for the incremental cost increase. The BFC approved, with one abstention, a recommendation that the Board approve the increase in the Registrar Accreditation Application Fee.

    • Action: Staff to present the resolution to the Board for approval, which should include a request that staff do an analysis of all registrar application processing fees to ensure all cost are captured

  5. Other Business – The BFC briefly discussed ensuring that there were funds in the contingency line item of the budget to cover Board member compensation if the Board later determines, after significant consideration of all necessary steps and processes, that Board member compensation is in the best interest of the organization. The BFC further discussed that the budget for Board members will be presented for consideration at a future meeting.