Outreach Program for Latin America VideoConference Event, Wednesday, October 4, 2006

27 septembre 2006

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(will be transmitted in Spanish only)

09:00 - 15:15 Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras
10:00 - 16:15 Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru
11:00 - 17:15 Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela
12:00 - 18:15 Argentina and Brazil
13:00 - 19:15 Uruguay

ICANN undertakes different partnership and information sharing activities to all stakeholders; including governments. This proposal seeks to complement those activities with a regional session, the purpose of which is to provide a greater understanding of what ICANN is. This session aims to provide information and participation opportunities to all stakeholders, in particular governments, with a special focus on developing countries in Latin America.


  1. Bring greater understanding to stakeholders in Latin America of what ICANN is responsible for and how to participate in the GAC;
  2. Through greater participation, awareness and capacity building, better response to specific issues of regional interest;
  3. Identify means for addressing improved participation in ICANN from developing countries.

This event has been co-organized with UNAM, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and will be transmitted via videoconference from different locations in Latin America. A webcast will also be available.

If you, or your organization, has access to a videoconference facility and would like to connect to the event, please contact Fabián Romo, the technical coordinator of the event at:

The program and means to access the webcast of the event are available at the following website: